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"419" Scam – Advance Fee / Fake Lottery Scam

The so-called "419" scam is a type of fraud dominated by criminals from Nigeria and other countries in Africa. Victims of the scam are promised a large amount of money, such as a lottery prize, inheritance, money sitting in some bank account, etc.

Victims never receive this non-existent fortune but are tricked into sending their money to the criminals, who remain anonymous. They hide their real identity and location by using fake names and fake postal addresses as well as communicating via anonymous free email accounts and mobile phones.

Keep in mind that scammers DO NOT use their real names when defrauding people.
The criminals either abuse names of real people or companies or invent names or addresses.
Any real people or companies mentioned below have NO CONNECTION to the scammers!

Read more about such scams here or in our 419 FAQ. Use the Scam-O-Matic to verify suspect emails.

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Some comments by the Scam-O-Matic about the following email:

Fraud email example:

From: "Mr J.Iglesia" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 16:03:29 -0700
Subject: Attention please!


Castellon de la C =


Castellon de la Pla Castellon de la Plana 20, 28089 Madrid Spain =
ference number: ES/2034/21/UE =

Tel: +34 654 16 Tel+34-661-018-573 =
Email: =

12/JULY/2021 =



Final notification of payment of unclaimed winning prize. We would like to =
inform you that the Office of the unclaimed winning prize in Spain, has app=
ointed our firm to act as legal advisor, in the processing and payment of a=
prize that has been credited to your name, for more than two years now it =
has been approved. The total amount to which you are entitled is currently =
1,550,225.85 euros, The initial price was 985,237.00 euros, this sum has be=
en invested over two years, profitable for now,
as there has been an increase in the initial total sum because of profit in=
terests. According to the Office of the Unclaimed Winning Prize, these fund=
s were used as unclaimed winning funds a lottery company deposited with the=
m to manage and insure on your behalf.

Important note !! Your money is deposited in a Spanish bank insured in your=
name. therefore, no deduction is permitted from your fund. You must report=
to the Commission if it is violated. the transfer costs to the beneficiary=
destination account are solely the responsibility of the beneficiaries due=
to the bund insurance policy placed on their funds for security reasons,

According to the lottery company, money was awarded after a Christmas promo=
tional lottery. The coupons were purchased by an investment firm. According=
to the lottery company they tried to let you know about these funds, it is=
unfortunately that you did not receive your funds, until the end of the de=
adline no agency reported to claim the funds . That=E2=80=99s why the funds=
were deposited to manage. According to Spanish law, the owner must be info=
rmed every two years of his current profit. If this money is not claimed ag=
ain, the profit will be returned again to an investment company for two mor=
e years. We are therefore mandated by the Unclaimed Prize Office to write t=
o you. This is a notification to claim your funds.

We would like to inform you that the lottery company will verify your ident=
ity once we receive your information, to see if your identity matches befor=
e your money is =

released to you. We will advise you on how to make your request. Please con=
tact our lawyer. Josepe Iglesias on, Tel+34-661-018-573, Email: josepeigle=, He =

is responsible for foriegn operations and he will help you in this regards=
. The claim should be made befor 31/08/2021, otherwise the money =

will be reinvested again for two years. We look forward to hearing from you=
, we assure you of our mutual legal assistance.

Barrister Josepe Iglesia.

Please provide the following information, as requested below, and send it i=
mmediately to our office along with a copy of your ID, so that we can legal=
ize your invested money. This =

money will be paid to you by the Spanish bank. Any review of the process by=
our firm is free for you because our costs are paid by the International L=
otto Commission at the end of the Process, when you receive your money. If =
you do not provide the required information in advance, the law firm will n=
ot be responsible if your money has been reinvested. A confirmation letter =
will be sent to you immediately after we have completed verifying the infor=
mation you have provided. I will immediately contact the investment bank re=
garding the information you provided before contacting you for Payment of y=
our money. Your data will be kept confidential in accordance with the Europ=
ean Union Data Protection Act. =

Name: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6...=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=
=A6First name:=E2=80=A6.=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 Second name: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 =E2=80=A6 .Sex:=E2=80=A6. =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=
=E2=80=A6 =


Your date of birth =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6..=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 ... Address: =E2=80=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .. =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .....

Postal Code:=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6..Country: =E2=80=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 Tel: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .. =
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6Telephone Portable:=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=

Mandatory email address: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=
=80=A6 =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=
=80=A6=E2=80=A6 Reference Number: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6. =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=
=80=A6 ..Profession:=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=
=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6..=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .
Amount Won: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6.=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6.=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6Last day=
of claim: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=
=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6. Civil status: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=E2=80=A6. =


PAYMENT OPTION (1) certified check to be deli=
vered in a diplomatic manner (2) pick up money in person, in cash (3) bank =

Bank: =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6. =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .Account: =E2=
=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 .... =E2=80=A6=E2=
=80=A6=E2=80=A6 =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 Swift =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6. . =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6 ... =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6. =E2=80=A6=E2=80=
=A6=E2=80=A6 .... =E2=80=A6=E2=80=A6

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