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"scholarships award in harvard university USA" scam

The following scam involves fake emails claimed to be from Harvard University. The victim is promised a scholarship and a student visa, only to have his credit card details stolen or to lose money sent for "fees" demanded by the fake university and embassy officials.

The following emails are part of an Advance Fee Scam. See our "419" fraud FAQ for more information on such scams.

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"scholarships award in harvard university USA" scam

Sun, 17 Sep 2006 05:22:02 -0400 (EDT)
From: "bradley schulte" <>
Subject: scholarships award in harvard university USA.
To: emailaddress
Dear applicant,

This is to inform you that you have been considered for a vacancy in Harvard University USA.
Relying on the information we are to send you all you need to prove to us is that you shall be capable to meet yourself the requirements and these are the payments that are needed by the university,
The payments are to be sent to the university in USA that is if you have a visa card you just register it with us and send to us its details we see how we can deduct the payments of the 1200$ dollars and if you do not have the visa card all you have to do is tell us when you are ready with the payments then we inform your home embassy in your country and they give you the details on how to send that money immediately your student visa shall be out and we work on your travelling to USA as soon as possible.
The program is due to begin by 25th September 2006 and you have to send us your scanned passport photo and the face of your passport as we give you a file number from Harvard University this is to prove to you that all is well and you shall be required to meet your payments immediately so as to eveluate your documents and could you inform us if it is a post graduate position you need or continuing with your studies or you are an under graduate narrate all you shall be granted the position you need because we still have other positons and you may be luck that if you can get some other members registered very soon you shal be required to pay half of the required payments that`s if you make them to other 5 applicants because we have only 10 positions left out of the 120 vacancies that were offered to Africans.
Reach us with the necessary information first for you so as we approve you as a registered applicant and we inform your embassy about your approval to be set and ready for you and later we shall give you the contacts to your Embassy and you communicate for the further details but remeber to update us because we are the ones to grant your student visa.
Thank you very much for your coorporation and may the almighty bless you,
good luck.
Yours trully,
Professor Bradley A Schulte

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