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419 Scam – "Lottobets International Lotteries / EPSILON SECURITY AND FREIGHT LIMITED"

"Lottobets International Lotteries / EPSILON SECURITY AND FREIGHT LIMITED" is the fake identity used by a gang of advance fee fraud ("419") scammers operating in Nigeria and the UK. It's a fraud. (see one example scam email here).

Send us replies by "claims agents", especially money demands and payment instructions, we will publish them here.

Please forward copies of fraud emails to the abuse department of free webmail address listed as the contact email for the "claims agent". Ask for the addresses to be suspended because they are used in a 419 fraud (see 419 FAQ).

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Domains registered by the scammers:

Sample "winning notification":

From: "tittoabubakar" <'>
Sent: Wednesday, 18 May, 2005 21:22

Lottobets International Lotteries
50, SA Rua Conde de Redondo, 
Ref: LTBT/1117PGH/PTG 
Draw No.: 2459
Winning No.: 70-10-69-30-33-8
                           WINNING NOTICE 
We happily announce to you the draws of the Lottbets lottery programs 
held on the 6th of May 2005 here in Portugal in which you and five (5) 
provisional winners were selected as winners under draw No. 2459. Your 
e-mail address attached to ticket number: 08-04-33-38-BL-AU drew the 
lucky numbers: 70-10-69-30-33-8, which subsequently won you the lottery. 

All participants were selected randomly through computer ballot draw 
system and from 5,000 individuals. 

You have therefore been granted provisional approval to claim a total 
sum of 549,790 Euros (Five Hundred and Forty Nine Thousand Seven Hundred 
and Ninety Euros) as your winning prize. This is from a total prize pool 
of 3,298, 742 Euros. 

In line with this, your 549,790 Euros will be paid to you upon confirmation 
and clarification by our claims agent who will immediately commence the 
process to facilitate the release of your winnings as soon as you 
contact him. 

Do please quote your Draw, Reference and Winning numbers in any 
correspondence with our designated agent.  Please include your telephone 
number(s) when contacting the agent.
Tel: +44 704 011 1060
Fax: +44 870 135 8273
Congratulations once more from all members and staff of this program 
and thank you for being part of our promotional lottery program.

Sincerely Yours,
Maria Pedrosa (Ms.)
Results Coordinator.
N.B. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result 
to Disqualification. Please do not reply to this mail. Contact your claim 
agent. Note also that you are automatically disqualified if you are below 
18 years of age.


Attention: Firstname Lastname

Dear Sir,

This is to inform you that we have verified your claims with Lottobets
International Lotteries to ascertain the authenticity and the genuineness of
your winnings. I therefore wish to congratulate you on the successful
confirmation of your winnings. Our main objective is to provide guidance until
you receive your prize winnings. In this regard your unalloyed co-operation
will be appreciated.

Following the confirmation and approval of your winnings your prize winning
certificate has been issued. It is a very important document in this
transaction, as you must be paid your winning prize by Lottobets International
Lotteries once it is issued. It is also a legal instrument as it can be
tendered in a court of competent jurisdiction as an important exhibit if you
are not paid by the Lottery Firm. Lottobets International Lotteries also risks
sanction by the European Gaming Board of Control if after the issuance of the
certificate you are not paid.

Also issued is the draft for your winning. We should collect it on your behalf
by the close of work today.

The following options have been outline for the payment of your prize winnings.
You are expected to choose the one that is affordable by you. I have given a
breakdown of all the options and you will be expected to choose one that is
most suitable to you.  Before then I want you to know that C.O.D is not
available for hand delivered packages. We do not use the regular courier
services. We have a retainership  agreement with a delivery firm that hand
delivers all our  packages.

There are four categories available please choose the one that is affordable by
you and transfer information will be sent to you.
Category A: First Class Delivery === Within 24 hours=== 1,350 Euros
Category B: Economy delivery === Within 24 hours===     1,050 Euros
Category C: Third Class Delivery === Within 3 days====    850 Euros
Category D: Manual Delivery ===== Within 5  days====      295 Euros

The second option is payment through a designated online bank. Bank transfer
through wire or telegraphic transfer (TT) wire transfer attracts charges of
0.003% of the total sum, which is US$1649.37. You also be expected to pay these
charges prior to making the online transfer of your prize winnings. The quoted
amount is what it would cost you to have the draft (check) discounted and you
will be expected to pay this sum before the draft is discounted and sent to you
via online wire transfer.

The last option is personal appearance at our head office to collect your prize
winnings. In this option also you will pay administrative charges of about
US$5000 to collect your winnings.

The total amount that you have won is 549,790.00 (Five Hundred and Forty Nine
Thousand Euros). This is the amount that you will receive as no deductions are
allowed. If it is by direct deposit, that is, wire transfer it will take about
48 hours to reflect in your account.

Deductions are not to be made from your winnings. You have to bear the entire
cost involved prior to receiving your prize winnings.
Please in your next email choose the category affordable by you and I would send
you transfer information.

I have attached here your prize-winning certificate. The original copy will be
sent to you after the payment of your winnings.

Thanks for your quick response and co-operation.

Manuel Fernandez.
The contents of this e-mail are strictly confidential. This e-mail is meant for
the addressee only. Should this e-mail have been received erroneously please
discard it.


The information contained in this message and any accompanying pages are
considered Strictly Confidential and therefore Legally Protected. This
information is intended solely for the use of the addressee. Access to this
message by anyone else is expressly unauthorized.
If you are not the intended and named recipient of this transmission, any
disclosure, copying, distribution or action taken or omitted or action to be
taken in reliance on it is prohibited, unadvised and may be unlawful. Please
immediately contact the sender if you have received this message in error.
Thank you

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Message headers:

Received: from ( [])
	by (Horde) with HTTP
	for <>; Sat, 21 May	2005 10:14:18 +0100
Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 10:14:18 +0100
To: emailaddress
Subject: Re: Form attached

WHOIS details for sending network (IP

     inetnum: -
     netname:        CIDR-INTERCELLULAR-1
     descr:          Intercellular Nigeria Ltd
     country:        NG
     admin-c:        YA95-RIPE
     tech-c:         YA95-RIPE
     status:         ASSIGNED PA
     mnt-by:         AS12491-MNT
     source:         RIPE # Filtered
     person:         Yakubu Adamu
     address:        5th Floor, UBA House 57
     address:        Marina, Lagos
     address:        Nigeria
     phone:          +234 14704387
     fax-no:         +234 12643014
     nic-hdl:        YA95-RIPE
     source:         RIPE # Filtered

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