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419 scam - You don't need an "affidavit of claim" to transfer money

An affidavit of claim is not required to transfer money out of the UK. An affidavit of claim is required only when you bring a civil lawsuit against someone who damaged your property or who owes you money and won't pay. It is not required for standard banking transactions.

It is no coincidence that most of the Google hits that comes up when you search for the exact phrase "Affidavit of claim" are related to 419 scams from Nigeria. It is one of the standard instruments of scammers to extract payments from scam victims, along with courier fees, ""Anti-Terrorism certificates"", ""Drug-Free certificates"", "anti-money laundering certificates" and other bogus charges. All these demands invariably have to be paid upfront via Western Union, which is essentially anonymous and untraceable and should never be used with strangers you only know via email.

If you copy and paste all the emails that you have received into the form at you will find it will confirm it to be a fake lottery scam, and it may even tell you that some email addresses in those mails have been reported by other scam victims before.

The following emails are part of an Advance Fee Scam. See our "419" fraud FAQ for more information on such scams.

If you have any suspect email that you want to report or have checked, you can copy and paste the message text into our "Scam-O-Matic" webform for an instant reply.

If you get suspect emails, you can also forward them to our scam-reporting e-mail address
Though you won't normally get a reply we do use your reports to shut down scammers and to warn others.

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Barr. Victor Delroy

The Principal Attorney
Collin Delroy Chambers
#85 Stocport Road, Longsight
Manchester M60 2DB - UK
Phone: +44 704 572 6443

Kind Attention: Victimname

I am in receipt of your e-mail in which you have indicated your interest in our legal services. The Affidavit of claim is a document required by most Financial Institutions here in UK for the Legalization/Certification of Claims. The Attestation Letter is also required of UK non-residents before fund Transfer/Payment worth over 50,000.00 GBP can be made. This serves as an Authorization to the Bank to release your fund to you as the rightful beneficiary.

I shall assist you obtain the Documents from the British High Court of Justice here in Manchester as you desire. However, you shall be responsible for the payment of;

1. Consultation/Legal Service Charge 100 British Pounds
2. Oath Fee 330 British Pounds
3. Legalization/Certification Charge 20 British Pounds
Total = 450 British Pounds

The Oath Fee and Certification Charge must be paid to the Commissioner for Oaths before the Affidavit of claims can be issued to me on your behalf while the Consultation fee is the cost of my service to you.

I have attached a copy of the Application form to this e-mail and you are required to complete and return it to me immediately so that I can commence the process of securing the 2 Documents for you. Also attached is a copy of my British International Passport as a proof of my Identity.

All payments must be made through our Treasurer through any of the following means;

- Western Union Money Transfer
- Money Gram Transfer
- Bank Wire/Telegraphic Transfer [This takes time]
- Direct deposit of the required sum into the Account of Our Correspondent in India.

As soon as you tell us how you wish to send the required 450 Pounds, we shall provide you with the full payment details and directives.

The required sum is Approximately 39,500 India Rupees and if I am able to receive it by tomorrow, I shall proceed directly to the Court and Secure the requirements for you within 2 Hours.

To know more about Collin Delroy Chambers and Our services, visit

Best Regards,
Barr. Victor Delroy

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